Ryan has to face a horrific challenge after 10 years of leaving Grandma's house,  what he discovers is beyond anything he could imagine. 

Grandma is an intense horror survival game that will put you at the edge of your seat from start to end. Grandma the game will not be using jump scares like the old version did, but to scare you by atmosphere and creepy 3D sounds designed to make your skin crawel.  We have an amazing team to create the ultimate nightmare for this game, we are so lucky to have talented people to make this game happen. 


Scott Boardwine-Game Designer

Josh Loveridge-Programmer

Matt Collins- Composer

Aris Dragonis- 3d Artist

Sasha Nikin- 3d Artist

Joe Filippone- Voice Actor (Grandma)

Brian Watts- Voice actor ( Ryan)


We are in partnership with Loveridge Designs ( Josh Loveridge-Programmer) to help Uneasy Game Studios develop an insane horror game that will blow everyone away.